About Edward Lampley -

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, he moved to New York in 2009 to pursue his hairdressing and editorial career. Beginning his New York education - he learned from the very best at Bumble and Bumble, assisting Jimmy Paul until 2013 when he began his own editorial career.

His work has been featured in publications such as Interview Magazine, Dazed, Vogue America, Re-edition, Garage, T Magazine, Wall Street Journal and many Vogue International titles.

His client list includes Hermes, Estee Lauder, Theory, Michael Kors, Glossier and Net-A-Porter.


HAIRTEST is a creative collaboration initiated to find the artistic balance of hair as an art form and hair as a medium. Lampley has used the book to provide an open platform of communication, discussing the bridge between the art and commerce of the editorial hair world.

“I wanted to have fun and inspire those around me to push their own limits and   allow the “different” to have a place.”

HAIRTEST features the work of 8 New York-based photographers - Matthew Sprout, Annie Powers, Drew Vickers, Jody Rojac, Bjarne x Takata, Stas Komarovski and Stas May.

About The Cause -

During the process of HAIRTEST, Edward’s father-in-law was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Through the course of treatment over the weeks and years it was apparent the side effects of chemotherapy were harming more than helping. Alternative medicine was sought and CRI alongside the concept of transparent giving was an incredible tool and resource. It is with gratitude that HAIRTEST will donate 100% of the profits to the Cancer Research Institute (CRI).

Please visit the website for more information on CRI - https://www.cancerresearch.org/


About the Photographers

Stas Komarovski

Photographer and director Stas Komarovski is part of a generation of Russian creatives leading the way in the fashion industry today. Born in Russia, Stas found his love for photography at a young age. Immigrating to America as a teenager, his fascination with fashion and American glamour eventually led him to be photographer Steven Meisel’s first assistant for six years. Establishing his own career, Stas’ images can now be found on the pages of British Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview, Vogue Germany and W Magazine and he has shot campaigns for Coach, Sacai, Moncler, Zara, Sonia Rykiel, Barneys and Tommy Hilfiger. Komarovski’s moving image work takes his youthful, otherworldly spirit to another dimension in films that are intimate, genuine, and authentic.


Matthew Sprout

When asked how Matthew Sprout first got into photography, he simple says “I just kind of fell into it.” Matthew Sprout grew up in the small town of Elkton, Maryland where he attended community college to study Graphic Design. At school, Matthew decided to take a black and white film and digital photography course as a way to counter his busy soccer schedule. “It was like a light bulb turned on”. A self-proclaimed jock of sorts, Matthew had never really taken to art before college, but that didn’t stop him from moving to New York City to attend the School of Visual Arts to study photography. Twelve years later, Matthew has made a name for himself as a fashion and beauty photographer. His photographs possess a quality of light and color palette that give his work a sense of modernity and refinement. Matthew’s editorial clients include Vogue, Vogue Mexico, Interview, W Magazine, V Magazine, Kinfolk, Russh, So It Goes, Styleby, The Line, and Unconditional. He has also shot for a number of brands, including Barneys, La Ligne, Club Monaco, Wendelborn, Zara, Free People, Meredith Kahn, and Protagonist. Matthew lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Drew Vickers

has an impressive portfolio; one that is as diverse as the lives of his subjects. From striking fashion editorials to portraits of school students and teenage military cadets mid-haircut, Vickers’s personal style is refined, yet not easily characterized. What is consistent about the photographer’s work is the unearthing of quiet human emotion. Of noteworthy interest are the images taken of young cadets entering the United States Military Academy. Vickers captures the transformation of teenage civilians as they have their heads shaved and are lined up in uniform—the viewer can feel the pride and subtle apprehension emanating from the young patriots. In a not dissimilar way, various emotions can be felt through the photographer’s other works: the happy-go-lucky nature of a grinning cheerleader, the pensive portrait of an elderly mime, and the defeatedness of a suited subject lying face down in the sand, to name a few examples. These images which are often black and white, are combined with delicate floristry shots and other styled fashion editorials, proving that Vickers can move between genres easily.


Stas May

is an American photographer hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. Stas’ passion for photography was born on a month-long journey to India. The spontaneous purchase of a camera to document his journey there transformed into something more.As it has for many others, India proved to be an awakening for Stas, and he returned home a photographer.Upon his return Stas wasted no time landing an internship with the legendary Mario Sorrenti. Shortly thereafter he moved into photo assisting, learning from as many greats as he could, including Annie Liebovitz, and culminating in a four year stint with Steven Meisel.The ethos of punk and rap weigh heavily on Stas’ aesthetic, with their rich visual language and defiant attitude.His extensive travels and his experiences growing up in Baltimore have lent Stas an infinite appreciation of both beauty of and need for difference and diversity in both his work and in his daily life.This has manifested in a passion for subculture music and style, which he aspires to reflect in all of his work


Annie Powers

Is a photographer and director based in New York. She has worked for clients such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Alexander McQueen


is a Swedish / Japanese photographer duo based in New York City

Jody Rogac

is a British Canadian photographer living and working in New York City.